Wreck-it Ralph movie review

By Max Maier | Jan 21, 2013

I don't do too many kid movie reviews in this blog because, well they are not aimed at people our age, but Wreck-it Ralph is a different story. Disney has made a movie, that people of any age could really enjoy, and targeted a fanbase who really hasn't found good footing in cinema. For them, this is their love letter, straight from Disney.

The movie stars Wreck-it Ralph, the villain of a game called Fix-it Felix, an obvious spoof of the original Donkey Kong game from decades ago. In the video game world, these characters live like us, and performing in these games is their job. Ralph starts to wonder why he has to be a villain that everybody hates, and while the other villains in the universe have accepted their roles and are happy with it, but nor Ralph. So Ralph decides to run away in pursuit of becoming a hero, by going into other games. He meets up with a glitch in one of the games, and they form a friendship as they try to make their dreams come true. The problem is that characters are not allowed to go into other games, ever since one character did that in the past and caused a whole game to be shut down, it has been forbidden. So the race is on for Ralph to become a hero before the Fix-it Felix game is shut down for good.

The strength in this movie is the enviroments and characters that thrive in these worlds. There are so many moments of video game fans going "hey look it's ()" or "hey that looks like ()", either way, there is alot for video game fans to love about this movie. Whether it's small references like references to Call of Duty or actual apperances and dialogue from Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog. There is so much to admire, even in the Disney created parts. The 2 worlds they create, Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush, are beautifully realized worlds filled with characters with different personalities and are great references to video games that actually exist. I honestly can't count the number of in-jokes and references to video games there are in this movie, and being the gigantic video game fan I am, I loved every second of it.

Now the main characters are good too, Ralph is played by John C. Reiley, typically known for doing much more adutl themed content, but he does a great job of bringing Ralph to life and giving him a great and lovable personality. You will love this big lug from beginning to end, and his journey will tug at your heartstrings. Now when I heard Sarah Silverman was going to be the voice of the glitch, I was like great, an annoying character to bring this all down, fortunately i was wrong. The glitch is not very annoying, very innocent and surprisingly witty.

Now, without spoiling anything, there are several twists in this movie as to who the villain is and how the plot threads out, and they are frickin great twists. My jaw dropped at least 3 times in this movie. How the plot progresses and the events that take place are great and nothing ever really misses a beat. I never had any problems with the story or the characters, it was all done really well. And the animation is some of Disney's best, they did an amazing job of creating a world of new worlds and characters and mixing it with classics.

I only have 2 real complaints with the film, the first being with addition of the established characters like Kano and Dr.Eggman. I loved it, I loved seeing all of these characters, it made my inner child giddy with glee. My problem is that I wanted more, I wanted to see more interaction with characters like Sonic and such, I was really expecting something like this in the film's climax, but sadly no, but I'm sure this is due to the limits of rights to use these characters in the movie. My second problem is similar to the first. Ralph is traveling across the gaming universe to become a hero, but he only goes to 2 worlds. As great as those worlds are, it's very dissapointing. I was really wanting to see more worlds explored, more adventure, more diversity. Even though the worlds of Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush are amazing worlds, I was left wanting more.

Those complaints aside, I absolutely love this movie. The story is filled with Video game references, humor, colorful characters, twists and emotional moments that will really tug at you. It is an amazing movie that I highly recommend letting any kid or video game fan see. Now, this movie may not appeal to the older audiences that never embraced video games. Now that audience can see this movie and enjoy it, but they won't get near as much out of it as video game fans will.


I give Wreck-it Ralph 4.5 health hearts out of 5.