You, Yourself, and You

By Kristian Buckner | Sep 09, 2013

So, I want to start off this blog by letting my few readers know why I haven't posted in almost a month. I am now a college freshman and I work often, because of my busy schedule and homework when I'm not busy I have found that my brain is, well, dead! I am going to try to post as often as I can, and when I think of ideas, because everyone only really wants to read something that good, right?

So with that said, this blog is for my sister and other people like her who are having a problem in their life realizing that they are fantastic.




You. Yourself. And you. That's all you really need.

Sometimes one of the most difficult yet vital parts of life, learning to be alone, is something that people inadvertently skip out on. Being alone is significant, not just for the cliches, we are born alone, and we die alone, but because we are often not very alone. If were are surrounded by people all the time, we get used to that and we never learn the beauty of being able to be with just ourselves, and be content.

I've said before that I've always been good at being alone, I would sit in my room being able to happily play with my toys or read a both without the presence of anyone else. But not my sister. She always wanted someone there. She always wanted someone to be there with her, always wanted someone to come with her everywhere that she went. It was something that I didn't get, and sometimes because of that we butted heads.

As we got older, she clung to friends, and boys. And that broke my heart. We weren't butting heads out of loneliness and isolation anymore. I was sitting in the sidelines as I watched her heart break again and again. I couldn't figure out why she did that to herself. Why did she let the things these people did affect her and hurt her so deeply? Did her so called friends not realize that they were doing that to her?

But now I know. My sister depends on people for her happiness. She depended on a best friend who ended the friendship with breaking a heart. She depended on a boy who couldn't handle the pressure. She depended on people in a way that those people couldn't handle the pressure of being responsible for her happiness and theirs.

That's the thing. That's what makes learning to be alone crucial, when you're alone there is no one there that will affect who you are or how you feel, you must control that. You must be the one who decides that you are happy, and that you can be happy all by yourself.

So sister, this is to you: Let yourself be happy when you're all alone. You deserve to be happy, and you can be happy.

And all of you who depend on others to do the same: You don't need anyone else to survive, thrive, and succeed. You don't need anyone to boost you up so that you can get that job you always wanted, or the grades that you need to make. While having people there is nice, friends are good, and significant others are divine. You don't need them. It's as simple as that. And once you learn to do that, you'll realize the power it gives you over your life, and the release of burden for those carrying your happiness, which gives you a better relationship.

Being responsible for someone else's happiness is a task that is not easily done. While it can be balanced for a while, the other person will eventually slip and lose to focus on one or the other. So, should that person give up your happiness for the better or themselves, or should they let die all the happiness of their own for yours to live?

No one can ever make you feel any way, you are the one that allows the feelings to happen. Happiness is the emotion in life that is the most essential, and because of that you must handle it with care. Learn to control your happiness so that even if others hurt you by leaving or letting you down, you'll always be able to have, you, yourself, and you.




Sister: Be happy, I love you.


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