Your Prayers Are Helping!

By Savannah Swanner | Aug 16, 2012
Sweet Matiko


Today, I got up from recovering from a late night at an African wedding, “send-off” party (there will be another blog describing this later).  After poking around the house, I called Chambili to bring two piki pikis to take Rachel and I to Angel House.  Upon arrival, the kids immediately began asking if we could “go ogelea?”  (This means, “can we go swimming?”) We told them yes, but we had to wait until they finished their chores.  This was perfect for me because Matiko, one of the Angel House boys, somehow injured his foot and needed some patching-up.  Matiko and I have become fast friends as we have work with God to heal on old injury on his hand.  I began the process of gathering water to scrub his feet so I could see the wound without several layers of dirt.  Matiko is use to this process since it is what we do with his hand.  After several scrubs and a few tickles, I started cleaning the wounded area.  Because a lot of the younger kids don’t wear shoes, they have extremely callused feet.  Matiko’s foot had been sliced through the callus and into the tissue layer.  Dirt, stones, and infection were all present in this precious boy’s cut.  As I cleaned, tears rolled down his face.  He didn’t yell or jerk away, but silent tears poured.   Between scrubs, I went and hugged Matiko.  He clung to me.  Although I have no children, I have to imagine this is how it feels to have your own child cling to you, seeking comfort from the pain.  It struck me that although Angel House offers so much to these children, it can never replace the love of a parent.  At that moment, I was Matiko’s mom.  When I went back to scrubbing, Matiko looked so small and alone in the chair.  I stopped and called in love-reinforcement.  Rachel swiftly moved in, wrapping her arms around Matiko and placing him on her lap.  After bandages were places, Neosporin slathered on, and socks/shoes dawned, Matiko was all smiles and hugs.

The whole time I cleaned Matiko’s foot I continually sought God, asking why can’t this little boy’s skin problems be healed?  It seems that he always has some kind of injury or skin issue.  Can’t You just take all these problems away?  But the answer came softly saying, “I am working through this.”  In my human flesh, everything screams, “but I know You can fix this – it just takes one word from You.”  It is only when I put aside my flesh and walk in the Spirit that I am comforted.  I am comforted knowing that I do not have to, nor will I ever, understand all of God’s plans.  I must simply remember He has Matiko’s best interest in His heart; Matiko is His child.  So I pray in faith for healing, knowing it is not my hands doing the work but His.

I posted in an earlier blog about my misperception regarding the Angel House kids being “super kids.”  I must recant slightly.  They may not be the superheroes I had imagined in my head; instead, they are something better.  They are normal kids with extraordinary qualities!  Thank you Matiko for letting me be your mom for a little while!  How much more must God love Matiko, Nossi, Neema, Wambura, Chacha, Paulo, Paskilia, William, Lucy, Leah, even me!

Please pray with me for Matiko’s healing!

A quick not on the rest of the day…we finally did go swimming but not for long.  A storm we thought had gone around sent lightening straight towards us once we got to the river.  Rachel and I have learned that lightening is not anything to mess with, particularly in Africa.  In fact, last week during a huge storm Rachel and I had showered in the downpour (we had been without water for 3 days).  Upon coming inside we left huge puddles of water.  Soon after we got dressed the power went out.  We then ventured around the house trying to find my headlamp.  At one point, I was leaning against the wall, standing in a small puddle, when both my knees gave out.  I automatically looked down to see a quick flash of electricity surge at my feet.  I realized I had been hit with lightening!  How it happened, I do not know.  I do know that God is amazing and an awesome protector!  I did not experience any pain or lingering problems.  The only evidence was what I saw of the lightening and my knees giving way.  Needless to say, that when the lightening struck today, close enough for Rachel to feel the surge of electricity in the air, we were not going to mess around.  Rachel and I quickly started grabbing kids, clothes, and shoes and then started running.  Both of us immediately began praying that God would protect all of us on the ¾ mile journey through a field back to Angel House.  The kids were amazing during this!  The bigger ones carried little ones, poking and pushing them to not dawdle.  We all made it back to Angel House without another single strike of lightening!  God is so good in so many ways!  Thank you all for your constant prayers.  They are making a difference, which was very evident today!  God bless you all!