'Yum, this is good!'

By Eddie Watson | Jan 08, 2014

Well, it is time to take down the tree, pack up all of the decorations, and put the Santa and Nativity yard scenes back into storage until next year.

All of the expensive wrapping paper and bows that had been ripped to shreds by excited children and adults alike, must be gathered and stuffed into a trash bag. Now it is time to make the diet resolution to work off the extra weight that we put on, indulging in all of our favorites during the holiday season.

And soon it will be time to start paying off the credit cards that put so many in the red, just to see the smiles on the faces of our loved ones. Christmas time is over, but should it be? If you look beyond the twinkling lights, beyond the gifts, and past all of the commercialism, there often hidden, lies the true meaning of Christmas.

I remember hearing a pastor from right here in our own beautiful North Carolina, relate a story about something that opened his eyes while visiting his parents home one Christmas many years ago. He said that he was anxiously waiting for all of the good food that he was smelling coming from the kitchen where his mother and the rest of the girls of the family were finishing the final preparations.

He walked into the dining room where a majority of the prepared food was already placed on the table, hurriedly, he took a spoon and dipped it into the sweet potato casserole, and quickly shoved it in his mouth. “Yum! This is awesome!” When his mother heard him and turned, seeing that he had tried her casserole, she said, “Son, I make that every year, you are just now realizing that it is good?”

He said, “Mom, I know that you make this every year, but it is usually crowded in with all of the other food on my plate; but today I have tasted it all by itself; and it is good!” Sometimes I believe, and especially during the Christmas holidays, that is how we treat Christ.

He is often covered up beneath all of our ups and downs, ins and outs, and everything else in this thing we call, “life.” I’m reminded of the words that the sweet psalmist of Israel, David, once spoke, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Yes, the holiday season is behind us, and now we have entered into a brand new year. Let us purpose in our heart that this will be the year that Christ will be the focal point and the centerpiece of our lives, and let us not crowd Him out with everything else.

Eddie Watson  can be reached at eddiewatson22@yahoo.com.